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Filemaker: Rough Lists to Portals and Back

Lists to Portal and Back Demo File

When migrating an old database to filemaker I found several lists (that were a random mixture of comma separated, return separated and semi-colon separated) that I preferred to have as bulleted lists.

More over I decided that filemaker portals would make more sense for future searching and research use.

Printing sequential records from a filemaker portal to a field as a bulleted list was easy via a calculation:

"• "& Substitute(List(portal::testlist);¶;"¶• ")

Converting a rough list that is a mix of comma and returns required a script where the list is copied into $text_string and the string processed into a return separated list and then output to portal rows via a loop:

Script for converting a comma or return separated list to a Portal

The demo file contains a script for wipe-first, overwrite the portal and a script that allows for append to the portal.

Demo File showing conversion of a rough text list to separate portal records and outputting the portal as a bulleted list.

Lists to Portal and Back Demo File

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