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Modifying Matt Leering’s Time Picker To Work in Popovers and Portals

Download Time Picker in Portals File

While FilemakerGo allows utilising the iOS time picker, Filemaker Pro still lacks a decent time picker. As a solution, Matt Leering posted a great time picker at Modular Filemaker however the original version ran in a new window which meant it stole the screen in Filemaker Webdirect.

At modular filemaker some posts suggest methods to run it in a popover and with some other modifications I have achieved this, added a reset button and resized a little to suit rendering in web direct.

This allows a small popover to be hidden on the screen which opens the time picker when the time field is entered. The popover main window must be named as a time-picker object for this to work. Have a look at the example file here and at Matt Leerings original.

The Modified Time Picker


Download Time Picker in Portals File


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