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The Irenabyss Gallery

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The Irenabyss Gallery is the website of Tasmanian Landscape Photographer Matt Brain and show cases images of Tasmania's beautiful wilderness. These areas are special. Visiting these locations can be arduous and gruelling but it gets in your blood and makes you return for more.

The Irenabyss is one of the spectacular chasms on the Franklin River. The Franklin's waters rush through Descension Gorge before spilling into a narrow and deep defile where the current suddenly slows. On either side sheer and overhanging rock walls rise up. The current is often slow here and one can drift through the silent passage to a wider pool at its end. It was named by Bob Brown, as the 'chasm of peace' on his early descents of the Franklin.

My first journey's were bushwalks, initially on trails, then on progressively harder and remote off-track routes. This inevitably led to the river trips, arguably the hardest of all because although some are crossed by roads, many require two or three days walking with brutally heavy loads before the target river can even be started. My landscape photography developed as a way of taking home and showing others these places. These images can be seen in several publications along with the near annual slide show 'Do You Know Tasmania' produced by the Launceston Walking Club

Along with the photo galleries I have recently begun adding trip reports of some of our more extended trips into Tasmania's wilderness areas, along with equipment reviews. These will appear slowly over the next few months. If you have a request for images or a description of a particular route or area, please email me and I will try to make it the next page to be added.

The Irenabyss, Franklin River. Southwest Tasmania

The Irenabyss, The Franklin River. Southwest Tasmania.