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The Maidens. Arrigetch Peaks, Brooks Range. Alaska.

The Maidens. Arigetch Peaks.

The twin spires of the spectacular Maidens are one of the highlights of the Arrigetch Peaks in the central Brooks Range. A mecca for climbers the granite walls were first scaled by a group comprisingĀ Charles Loucks, Michael Westmacott, Sally Westmacott and Robley Williams Jr. in July 1964. Mike Westmacott was one of the supporting crew ... Read more

Australia Peak in the Arrigetch

Finally back at some photos (we have been busy planting native Tasmanian plants; 90 in the ground, 41 to go!). In the middle of the Arrigetch Peaks are two high points named Australia Peak and Tasmania. After carefully pouring over the maps and descriptions of Arrigetch Rock Climbs I am confident of why they were ... Read more