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Vanishing Falls on the Salisbury River

Vanishing Falls

The 100m high Vanishing Falls disappear into two pools. The river bed runs dry for several kilometres.

Vanishing Falls lie in the heart of the wilderness zone north of Precipitous Bluff in Tasmania's far south. The falls are surrounded by some of the thickest scrub in Tasmania with massive tea tree, heavily matted horizontal and deep thickets of baurea. This image was taken on my trip with John Mclaine in 2010 where we carried pack rafts over the southern ranges and then followed the river.

After a few requests, I have placed a copy of the legendary LWC trip report from Skyline Magazine at:

One Response to “Vanishing Falls on the Salisbury River”

  1. Elin Hansen says:

    I watched your amazing trek to the Vanishing Falls on youtube.after I watched this one You came in from the top and they from the bottom. Both excellent. And after I found Vanishing falls via Instagram.

    · April 17, 2016 @ 5:24 am


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