The Irenabyss Gallery

Landscape Photography

Memorable Expeditions

These expeditions were particularly memorable for the scenery and events that took place along with the photographic opportunities.

The Photographic Gallery (Requires Flash) - stories in captions

The Folded Range and White Monolith Range. September 1995

Mount Bisdee and Mount Victoia Cross, February 1995

Southwest of Pedder: Part 1 - The Wreck of the Svenor. January 2005

Southwest of Pedder: Part 2 - The Propsting Range. January 2005

Southwest of Pedder: Part 3 - Greystone Bluff. January 2005

The Blue Tier

Mist amidst Giant Myrtles on the Blue Tier The beautiful Blue Tier contains a great diversity. The summit area (this picture) is clad ancient rainforest and on a misty day like this is like walking in a timeless fairytale. The lower slopes contain fast creeks, giant eucalypts and if you explore, the remnants of past mining. Unfortunately much of this wilderness is being converted to plantation forests and what remains will be at risk from escaped fires and the introduction of weeds.